During the second season of the animated Firepower is still running on the YouTube channel Yamato Animation, the manga created by Atsushi Okubo breaks all records. Fire Force has exceeded twelve million copies distributed worldwide, according to a report posted on Twitter.

The result of Fire Force is insane and has reached or achieved much better known works. Most surprising, however, is the fact that one million copies of Okubo's manga have been distributed in less than a month. Fire Force had just passed the 11 million copies distributed, according to an earlier number reported by @somokudasai on Sept. 27. The new Fire Force sales report was posted on Twitter by user @Spytrue.

Firepower tells the story of Shinra Kusakabe and a special group of firefighters involved in the battle against the burned creatures who suddenly become hellish beings. What is the real origin of these mysterious events? In Italy, the Fire Force Manga is distributed by Panini Comics under the Planet Manga label and currently has 22 volumes. In anticipation of the development of Shinra's events, the Fire Force theater show was revealed in a new key visual.

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