Started with great premises, the Dragon Ball Super narrative arc known as "Prisoner of Galactic Patrol" is nearing the end and leaves a bad taste in fans' mouths. A number of style losses influenced this saga, but one fan imagined how the events should have gone.

In Chapter 65 of Dragon Ball, Super Goku made one completely unconscious gesture. After the Saiyan unlocked the Ultra Perfect Instinct thanks to Merus' sacrifice, he eliminated the tyrant Molo. But in a completely risky way and with almost no logic, Goku throws a Senzu at his rival, who is in full shape again.

This event left the fans speechless, in disbelief for what happened. Despite being convinced of his abilities, Goku has once again proven himself too immature, in stark contrast to the progress made on Dragon Ball Z. According to the Toriyama and Toyotaro franchise fan base, the chapter was treated very badly and the story would have one can take a much more interesting turn.

Twitter user @DBSChronicles has tried to reinterpret chapter 65 of Dragon Ball Super in a fascinating key. According to Toyotaro, Toyotaro could have written the scene two different ways instead of having Molo cured by a Senzu from Goku. In the first hypothesis, Molo could have attacked Krillin steal his beans. Goku could have stopped him easily, but annoyed by the idea of ​​fighting the antagonist in full form, he would have let him. In the second hypothesis, however, Molo could have healed using his magical abilities. And what do you think? Do you prefer the original version or the fan’s fantasy?

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