Three new promotional videos from Extreme Hearts each spotlighting a different character in the series. Here are all the details about the anime project of the writer Masaki Tsuzuki, the author of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha.

Extreme Hearts is set in a future not too far from our present The traditional sport has developed into a hyper sport. These extreme disciplines have become very popular, so amateur competitions for adults and children have been developed. Hiyori Hayama is a high school student with a passion for singing that has nothing to do with hyper sports. At one point, an accident sets in motion the story of meeting great friends.

Extreme Hearts' three teaser trailers spotlight characters Lise Kohinata, Sumika Maehara, and Yukino Tachibana, voiced by Ari Ozawa, Kana Yuki, and Ayaka Fukuhara, respectively. The TV show will premiere from now July 9th. Learn more about the Extreme Hearts anime here.

The anime series is in production at the Seven Arcs animation studio. The staff includes Junji Nishimura as director, Issei Aragaki as animator, and Aragaki and Kana Hashidate as animation directors. Tsuzuki is responsible for developing the plot and scripts, while EFFY is composing the music. The opening theme "Infinity" is performed by voice actress Miho Okasaki.

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