On the anime's official Twitter profile Black Summoner it has been officially announced that Doufu Maiyoi's light novel series adaptation will debut in July 2022. The premiere of the Isekai was accompanied by a key visual.

The anime's production team has announced that Black Summoner will premiere on Tokyo MX, Japan, on July 9th. The animated series is directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike Satelight animation studio. Hiraike is also overseeing the scripts, while Miwa Oshima is responsible for character design and their animations. MICHIRU and Yuri Miyazono compose the OST.

Black Summoner tells the story of Kelvin, who one day wakes up in a mysterious place with no memory. He later discovers that he has traded his memory for powerful new abilities that make him a great summoner. Kelvin begins his new life as an adventurer, discovering his passion for battle. From the Black Knight of the evil spirits' ancient castle to the demon in the sage's hidden lair, the protagonist decides to fight one enemy at a time. Isekai Uncle From Antoher World will also be available on Netflix soon.

Black Summoner began serializing on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in October 2014 and is still ongoing. L'manga adaptationsigned Gin Ammo, was published on Overlap's Comic Gardo website in January 2018.

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