On the anime's official website Extreme heartsa new project by author Masaki Tsuzuki, a new promotional video has been shared that spotlights the creation of the May-Bee, a group of five girls who will play the roles of the protagonists' rivals.

After the three trailers dedicated to the protagonists of Extreme Hearts, this time comes a new trailer dedicated to the "antagonists" of the series. there Clip PV previews the May-Bees at work while playing basketball and soccer, and acting as an idol. The group consists of Hazuki Sakurai, Tomo Miyasiro, Yuriko Suemune, Chichiro Honda, and Teena Merkies, respectively voiced by Rika Abe, Saori Onishi, Yo Taichi, Kaede Yuasa, and Tomomi Mineuchi.

Extreme Hearts premiered on July 9th Simulcast on Cruncyroll. As we can see from the trailer, the sport has evolved in Extreme Hearts. The discipline of hypersport is born through support objects that can improve performance.

The anime is produced by Seven Arcs Studio, directed by Junji Nishimura. Issei Aragaki is designing the characters, while Tsuzuki is responsible for the original story and scripts. The opening song, "Infinite," will be performed by voice actress Miho Okasaki, who will play the character of Saki Kodaka throughout the series.

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