From the early projects, to Hayao Miyazaki's contribution to Nausicaa della Valle del Vento, to the overwhelming success of Neon Genesis Evangelion Director Hideaki Anno's career has been filled with productions over the past thirty years. Finally, the creative has admitted he needs some rest before getting back to work.

During an event dedicated to his latest film, Shin Kamen Rider, which was released in Japan on March 17, 2023, Hideaki Anno openly admitted that he has no plans for the future: "Nothing has been decided about my next job yet. For the first time in more than 30 years, my future has yet to be written. I worked so hard that I wanted a break“. Despite this, when asked about a possible Kamen Rider sequel, Anno replied that he had started writing down some ideas and that he had come up with an open ending for it as well as the title Shin Kamen Rider: Masker World, although nothing is certain or official yet .

"Realistically, I'm sticking with the moment, but I'm sticking with my ideas' he continued, specifying that the Japanese government and the terrorist organization could also be involved in the hypothetical sequel. Important revelations that already make the community of fans of his works discuss a lot, especially Neon Genesis Evangelion.

And what do you think of this break that Anno wanted? Do you think the director can come back to surprise us with new works in the future? Tell us in the comments. Finally, here is a magnificent EVA-01 statuette worth 1000 euros, and we remember that Anno went to a psychiatrist to deal with the ending of Evangelion.

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