Yuji is now faced with an almost dramatic situation. His efforts at the Culling Game have proved futile and he has now had many of his powers drained. Sukuna actually possessed another body that proved deadlier than anticipated during the battle at the center of Chapter 219 Jujutsu Kaisen.

Since the Demon King managed to possess Megumi Fushiguro, he was able to reach a new level of fighting power and also revealed which were the last two Shikigami that could be summoned through the technique inherited from Megumi. To take further control over the boy’s mind and willSukuna decided to improvise a fight with the demon Yorozu, who in turn possessed Tsumiki, Megumi’s sister.

The demon, eager to face an opponent of Sukuna’s caliber, certainly didn’t hold back, and sure that its durable armor was from Tsumiki’s cursed engineering, it was severely injured. While Yorozu attempts to activate his domain’s expansion, Sukuna easily manages to knock him unconscious in a worrying pool of blood.

With Tsumiki’s life at stake, Megumi is shown suffering in her own body, unable to intervene and perhaps without hope of being able to do so. What do you think of this terrible development? Let us know in the comments. Finally here is the list of the 10 Shikigami that Megumi can summon and we leave you the new details about Yuji published in the character book of an old Jump Festa.

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