On the official Twitter account for the anime adaptation of twelve series by the publishing label Romane und Manga for adult women Eternity books from the publisher AlphaPolis, which is titled Eternity: Shinya Nurekoi Channela new promotional video of the project was released.

The video shows that the series has dated its premiere for next October 4th in Japan. Each new weekly episode will focus on one of the pieces, with a "regular version" airing on the channel at night. AT-X and a "deluxe version" that is streamed with adult scenes.

The twelve works that will inspire each episode of the series include:

  1. Kimi ga Suki Dakara (Because I love you), by Miju Inoue.
  2. Dekiai days (Days of love), by Maki Makihara.
  3. Ai Sareru no Mo Oshigoto Desu ka?! (Is it my job to be loved?), by Subaru Kayano.
  4. Machikogareta happy ending (The long awaited happy ending), by Miki Yoshizakura.
  5. Noraneko wa Ai ni Oboreru (Drown the wild kitten with my love), by Akari Sakura.
  6. Bousou suggests wa Goku Ama Shitate (The indecent proposal dressed in sweetness) by Maru Fuyuno.
  7. Purin no Tanaka-san wa Kedamono (Tanaka-san with the pudding is an animal), by Zakku Yukito.
  8. Riekoku CEO wa Hisho ni Oboreru ka? (Can the cold company CEO fall in love with his secretary?), by Ruru Ruzuki.
  9. Soumubu no Maruyama-san, Ikemen Shachou ni Dekiai Sareru (The handsome president worships Maruyama of General Affairs), by Hiromi Yuuin.
  10. 152-Senchi 62-kilos no koibito (The 152cm and 62kg lover), by Aoi Katakura.
  11. Watashi after Kare no Omiai Jijou (The formal marriage situation between him and me), by Mao Yukimura.
  12. 4-Ban Me no Iinazuke Kouho (The fourth fiancée), by Seiya Togashi.

Source: ANN

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