in the Eren the southpaw Asakura Kouichi is a frustrated designer who doesn't feel rewarded for his hard work. His friendship with Eren, a brilliant ailing painter, will lead the two to outdo each other.

Eren the southpaw was born as a web manga written and illustrated by Kappi and debuted in 2016 thanks to Cakes Web. The manga was later revived with a remake on Shonen Jump+ from 2017 with drawings by Nifuni. The paperwork therefore ends in October 2022 and the message from a Anime adaptation. This was announced by AniNewsAndFacts, a Twitter user specializing in updates on the world of anime and manga.

This is shown in the tweet at the end of the news Eren and Asakuri the spectators are watching. The artwork features soft lines and bright colors. In the background there is a large number of characters grouped and smiling.

An animated version could therefore attract more viewers Franchise that is already particularly appreciated in the land of the rising sun. In fact, an Eren the Southpaw television drama starring Elaiza Ikeda and Fuju Kamio was released in 2019. Also recommended is the manga by Yuki Suetsugo, known for a manga josei or thoughts for adult women that ended recently: Chihayafuru ends in August 2022. There are always adult themes in the late Miura's work and beyond that he is about to go berserk Come back.

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