Dragon Ball Super: the final form of Molo, is the saga running out?

The saga of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol has raised the bar considerably, proposing a particularly cruel and evil antagonist as has not been seen for some time. The last chapters of Dragon Ball Supermoreover, they finally gave space to Vegeta who managed to learn some particularly interesting techniques.

The chapter entirely dedicated to the battle between the Prince of Saiyans and the wizard revealed pleasant surprises, above all the change of Vegeta throughout history. Although Molo has lost most of his powers because of forced spiritual fission, the villain goat villain still has an ace up his sleeve to play against the Z Warriors.

Close to defeat, in fact, Molo fled to the spaceship to absorb the android 73. The wizard did not lend to the latter only a portion of his powers but also a backup source should something happen to him. At the exact moment the ex galactic prisoner absorbs the cyborg from his body copes with yet another physical mutation. But it's not just the aspect that changes as Goku himself, immediately afterwards, could not help but notice how the enemy's aura has grown exponentially.

That the latest transformation of Molo suggests the imminent end of the saga? Tell us what you think of this sudden twist, as always, with a comment below.

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