The manga EDENS ZERO has just entered its final arc, but fans of Hiro Mashima's work can look forward to the increasingly imminent release of the anime's second season. A new Trailer for EDENS ZERO 2 restarts Shiki Granbell and Rebecca Bluegarden's space journey in an all-out preview.

EDENS ZERO Season 2 will warm the hearts of fans in Spring 2023 season. To shorten the waiting time and prepare viewers for the adventure, a new one promotional film was shared on the series' official social media.

The PV trailer from EDENS ZERO which you can find at the end of the article reminds fans of the key moments that took place during the first season of the anime released in 2021. The debut season of EDENS ZERO was underwhelming, although it featured some very intense moments. In the Animation studio JC Staff will touch on the daunting task of living up to the high expectations surrounding the Season 2 release.

At the moment it's not made official yet, though EDENS ZERO 2 is coming to Netflix as happened last season, or whether another streaming platform will handle distribution. There are still many doubts, but Shiki, Rebecca and the Happy mascot are ready to make users think differently. And will you keep the deadline with EDENS ZERO?

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