In 2017, the public welcomed theanimated adaptation of The Ancient Magus Bridebased on Kore Yamazaki's Shonen manga. Six years after that debut, interspersed with the release of a trio of OVAs and a three-episode OAD, the series is poised to return for this spring season.

The Ancient Magus Bride season 2 trailer takes viewers back to the beloved ones Protagonists of the series written and illustrated by Sensei Yamazaki. The first season, produced by WIT Studio, left fans with some unanswered questions, and this commercial addresses those questions.

asked Hatoritired of his existence, had made the acquaintance Elias Ainsworth, a mysterious wizard about six feet tall and with an animal skull instead of a human head. Together, the two have embarked on a wonderful journey that will finally be continued.

Chise was able to accept Elias and himself. After Cartaphilus has fallen into a sleep that doesn't last forever, the girl has returned to her normal life. A Invitation from a wizarding organization called College still draws your attention.

In the basement of the British Library there is a secret society of magicians. The meetings and interactions with the subjects of this organization will open new doors. With Studio Kafka is producing season 2 of the anime, Chise must face a new story to save herself and others. We leave you with The Ancient Magus Bride 2 poster.

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