My hero academia quickly became one of the most popular manga published on Shonen Jump, and its author has used his fame to put another work in the spotlight. Here is one.

The mangaka is currently busy recounting the events following the terrible clash between the heroes and the Union of Villain, but that didn't stop them from sharing his Thoughts on another author's work.

The artist's name is Hirofumi Neda and the manga in question is an isekai or story in which its protagonists are catapulted into a world that is often fantasy. As you can see in the tweet posted at the bottom of the news, the extra long title is "I went to another world and my sister was already ruling as a demon lord"and seems to leave no room for imagination.

Interest in the series has soared after the writer of My Hero Academia called it "very pretty". For some, however, Horikoshi's statement is not unexpected; in fact, the man had worked with Neda in the past to make the comic opera a reality My hero Academia Smash and now he's helping his friend publish his web manga on paper. However, some fans of the hero series also confirm the impressions of the mangaka.

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For those interested, I'll leave the spoilers of Chapter 299 of My Hero Academia and report on news about a bizarre fan art in which the protagonists of My Hero Academia become PokΓ©mon trainers.

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