The trailer for EDENS ZERO gave fans a first preview of the work of JC Staff Studio. We are waiting for the first episode and we recommend this interesting interview with Hiro Mashima.

Twitter user @ 11thDoctr shared the translation of an interview with the author of EDENS ZERO and Fairy Tail in which he discussed, among other things, the topics that are at the center of the events of the work. In particular, we discover that during the journey of Shiki, Rebecca, Happy and the other characters on the pages of the manga, Hiro Mashima wanted to delve into these topics: "For now, we continue to develop fairy tail themes like friendship, family, and battles, but those things can change towards the end of the job. I can't talk about it yet".

Then pass on something more explanation of his words: "The subjects can change as we discover the mother's secret. So I still don't know what's going to happenRecall that the factory will debut in Japan next April 10thIn order to find out more details about the protagonists and the staff of this science fiction series, we recommend another interview with the author of EDENS ZERO, in which he speaks about the animated implementation.

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