In Japan the animated implementation of EDENS ZERO, the latest work by Hiro Mashima, is already successful, and after the release of the new episode, the speakers who will give voice to the characters of Jin and Labilia Christy and the character designs of both characters were introduced.

The adventure of Shiki, Rebecca and Happy on board the Edens Zero There it will lead to the fact that many more or less important personalities and figures within the universe conceived by Mashima will become known, most of which will be introduced in the first episodes. As happened recently for the presentation of Elsie Crimson and Witch Regret, The next two sections introduce Jin and Labilia Christy, voiced by Yuki Shin and Ayumi Ayano, respectively.

To celebrate its debut on the series, the series' official Twitter page has shared the information and pictures that you can find in the posts at the bottom of the news. Based on the given we will see the character of Jin, a member of the Rogue Out mercenary group, only for eight episodes starting May 29, while Labilia, which already appeared in the third episode, will return more frequently in Shiki's story.

Recall that Rebecca became a rabbit in the last sketch of Mashima, and we leave you to the drawing of the mangaka to celebrate Regret Witch's debut in the anime.

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