The battle in the Kingdom of Swords is fought on several fronts. The alliance between heart and clover against the spade and the demons sees at least five main areas, some of which are dominated by the Dark Triad. Zenon, Dante and Vanica are having fun against their opponents and don't seem to want to give up.

While Asta is fighting the demon, Magna Swing intervened. Along with Zora, the member of the Black Bull intervened just in time to save Captain Jack and, by portraying a new spell, managed to get Dante into trouble in the final chapters of Black Clover. And with one last scream, Magna declared victory. But like that Black Clover 294 spoilerthe battle is far from over.

The Chapter begins with Asta, who is happy about Magna's victoryJack admitted that he had seen something interesting. The captain once thought it was a bad idea for Yami to let plebeians see the magical knights, but now he has been saved by one of them. Morris realizes that Dante has been defeated, but the spell continues to bring demons of all kinds. When Asta and the others move into the next room, Dante recovers in "bad" shape. Jack turns and says not to ruin their victory and attacks Dante by at least apparently killing him.

In another room, Charlotte and Rill are in trouble against Vanica and Lolopechka, the latter fighting as one of Vanica's puppets. The chapter on black clover ends with the arrival of Noelle and Gaja in the room: The rematch between Noelle and Vanica begins.

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