During the week, DC Comics publisher announced a new miniseries that will begin in August and will consist of seven volumes. Written by Matthew Rosenberg and drawn by Jesus Merino, Joshua Hixon and Ulises Arreola The Joker presents: A puzzle box will focus on several stories of the Prince of Crime.

The opening of the series is the discovery by the Gotham City Police Department of a magic box with a corpse. The agents immediately begin questioning the various killers they have been able to detain, including the apparently smiling one joker. Batman's quintessential enemy is instantly more than amused when he speaks to the police, and it will be the details and information he will give in the course of the stories about his cellmatesThis will help readers understand who was responsible for this murder.

In August it will be available to purchase the first volume in physical version of the series while From June 7th, the chapters will be published in digital formwith many details, hints and insights that will also appear in the Director's Cut: Bonus Box, an edition that contains the entire work. Below is the cover of the first volume designed by Chip Zdarsky.

"It's about a really strange and funny story"" commented the author Rosenberg before starting with "It's unlike anything I've ever done, and maybe anything else that's ever done. My great editors, Katie Kubert and Liz Erickson, deserve great credit for their help create and stage such a chaotic story. But when you understand the purpose and meaning of what we planned, you will agree that it was worth it. "

Recall that Panini Comics announced Batman: the World, a new anthology series out in September, and we leave the words of the Batman / Fortnite author to the words of the Batman / Fortnite author about the lack of dialogue.

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