The war that engulfed the land of Wa was the scene of many quite interesting discoveries about the Wa universe ONE PIECEespecially considering the repeated encounter between Monkey D. Luffy and Kaido, which a fan of the series wanted to imagine in a rather particular style, inspired by the video game Cuphead.

The Run 'n' Gun branding MDHR study was one of the most welcome indie surprises of 2017, and with a sequel and the animated series coming to the Netflix platform, the adventures of Cuphead and Mugman have carved their own space within the medium. What struck many players, in addition to the difficulty of some bosses and levels, was the unique style reminiscent of the American cartoon series of the 1930s.

And it is precisely with this style that an artist passionate about the game and the ONE PIECE series wanted to make a new proposal the last slugfest between Luffy and Kaido with a short animated sequence which you can see at the bottom of the page. The scene chosen has already become iconic, Luffy with the Gear Fifth after awakening the true and mysterious potential of the Gom Gom fruit as he crushes one with his gigantic fist, laughing Kaido turns into a dragon.

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