The Studio Ghibli hasn't been the center of attention in a long time, but it looks like the Japanese company is ready to return to the big screens. Hayao Miyazaki is working on his next film, Earwig and the Witch, which is just weeks away from the premiere.

Cinema Cafe has released new pictures from the filmand shows us how Studio Ghibli was able to masterfully switch media and switch from drawing to 3DCG. If you click here you will see the picture gallery that was published on the website!

These new images show us gods colorful characters, including the protagonist Catchy tune. We can see other protagonists too, including a menacing old man with red eyes, a blue haired witch, and an adorable green eyed black cat.

At the moment we know little about the new Studio Ghibli film, but fans know that it will be released in Japan on December 30th. Earwig and the Witch is shown as a film on television. We hope to see him on a legal streaming platform in Italy too.

While writing the story Goro Miyazaki was inspired by Diana Wynne Jones' novel. If you were wondering what the summary of the Earwig and the Witch movie is, check out Jones' book! The story takes place in England around 1990 and tells the adventures of an orphaned girl named Earwig. The little girl will be entrusted to two strangers, and the little one will awaken her magical powers in this house. One of the hallmarks of Ghibli films is the passion with which they are produced, and the latter certainly won't disappoint!

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