Many years after graduation, Dragon Ball Z is considered to be one of the most popular manga from the public. The emotions Akira Toriyama gave us are almost infinite and a fan wanted to pay tribute to the last saga of the work, that of Majin Buu.

Though valued as a less concrete saga than that of the Saiyajins, Freeza, and Cell, Majin Buu's narrative arc is engraved in our memories as the one who gave us Super Saiyan 3 and Majin Vegeta.

The Buu saga is also the time of Vegeta he has finally put his pride aside Saiyan to protect his family. At the end of the fight with Kid Buu, the prince of the Saiyajins even recognized the true worth of his eternal rival Goku, who with great commitment has become the strongest warrior on earth. A completely unexpected development of the character that contributed to the fans falling in love.

The end of the fight with Kid Buu was the subject of an amazing reinterpretation by a fan. Artist Ruto830 shared an unedited version of on his Twitter profile one of the most important moments throughout the franchise. While the two Saiyans rest after defeating the antagonist, Vegeta gives Goku thumbs up. a gesture that indicates respect and renewed friendship between the two. The artwork is made from the perspective of the prince of Saiyans, increasing the immersion and quality of the work. The artist is not new to such illustrations. Some time ago he had created a great artwork of Dragon Ball Z from the perspective of a Cell Jr. Always Gohan is the protagonist of another fanart dedicated to the Dragon Ball Freeza saga.

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