One of the highest moments touched Dragon Ball Z It was the father-son Kamehameha, the wave of energy with which Gohan, supported by the spirit of his father Goku, ended the spectacular fight with Cell. We relive this exciting moment in a work of art by a fan.

During the mobile game, Goku decided to confide this Fate of planet earth For whoever was the most powerful warrior of all at the time, his son Gohan. However, his gentle and calm demeanor prevented him from fighting at full strength, at least until the death of his friend # 16. From that moment Gohan exploded with anger and the transformation into Super Saiyan 2 mocked his opponent.

However, his excessive confidence led to Goku's deathwho sacrificed himself to defend the planet and its loved ones from Cell's self-destruction. At this point, Gohan knew he had to get serious. Gohan was injured in his left arm for defending Vegeta and threw a kamehameha at the perfect being, to which he responded using the same technique.

Suddenly, however, he appeared behind Gohan the spirit of his fatherand gave birth to the legendary father-son Kamehameha. This technique, immortal for fans, was celebrated by artist Riiya_am, who posted a great work of art on Twitter depicting the scene. The illustration is perfect as a background for your mobile devices.

What do you think of this fanmade work? In the meantime, there may be a big hit announcement for Dragon Ball Super on May 9th. Piccolo and Freeza look like two aliens in this other Dragon Ball Z fanart.

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