The relationship between Raditz and Gohan, or uncle and nephew, you could say that it wasn't the best. As soon as the Saiyan entered the earth Dragon Ball Z In order to find his lost brother and to involve him in the cause of his race, he tried to threaten and blackmail him in exchange for the safety of little Gohan.

Of course we all know how it went: Goku and Piccolo have teamed up to save GohanThe child was still useful in the fight against Raditz, and eventually the older brother of the Dragon Ball protagonist was killed. Raditz was never seen from there again. But Fan Fenyo decided to recreate the atmosphere and characteristics of Dragon Ball to show fans what life would have been like if his uncle had acted more lovingly.

In the fan art below we see Raditz at Goku's with presents in his left hand, but he is concerned about Chi-Chi scolding him for berating him, likely because his presence and gifts would distract Gohan from his studies. The child actually intends to write something on a piece of paper in the lower right corner of the picture.

Raditz would be able to overcome Chi-Chi's anger and give his gifts to Gohan? We'll never know, unless Dragon Ball Super decides to bring Raditz back under this new, more family-friendly version. Some fans have played a lot with Raditz's character lately, who redesigned him, while others instead suspected a Gohan raised by his uncle instead of Piccolo.

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