It was October 6, 2000 when the first film in the series was released Digimon shyly arrived at US theaters to counter the Pokémon brand. Born out of the union of Fox Kids and Saban Entertainment, Digimon The Movie was the childhood of many children who still remember him as adults, especially on this special anniversary.

Unlike its biggest competitor, the Pokémon franchise, Digimon had not yet made its debut in theatersand only had 3 OVAs available, which were completely independent of each other. Despite a seemingly impossible mission, the US companies involved in the project were successful Combine the three shorts into one big projectto then spread it all over the world.

The public response was impressive. If industry criticism has focused on the negatives of the film and reduced it in every way, fans have been positively impressed with the job we remember as we did Cash three times the budget with which it was producedand is also a success at the box office.

As you can see in the numerous posts below, Fans wanted to celebrate 20 years of film I fondly remember the importance it had in its childhood, the beauty of the soundtrack and the utter strangeness that made it a unique product of its kind. Recall that the first historical Digimon Adventure series has also been 21 years old since it was first published and we are leaving you with a fantastic statue of Lady Devimon.

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