Morito Yamataka, author responsible for the manga adaptation of Carole & Tuesday, announced via a Twitter post that serialization will end in July with the publication of chapter 16. The manga currently has 2 published volumes containing six chapters each. A third will land in the comic store in September.

Yamataka's comic was serialized in the monthly Young Ace by Kadokawa starting in May 2019, and has some interesting additions to the original anime. Yamataka began by adapting Watanabe's work slavishly and then adding extra dialogues and some additional scenes.

The anime of Studio Bones has proved to be a good success mainly thanks to the excellent music and the fluidity of the animations. The first part of the television series was distributed by Netflix in August 2019, while the second round of episodes arrived on Christmas Eve. The success of the anime even allowed the studio to organize a series of live streaming concerts.

And what do you think of it? Would you like a second season of the anime? Let us know with a comment! Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to remind you that you can listen to the music of Carole & Tuesday on Spotify and that our review has also been available for a few months.

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