Much of the popularity achieved by the work originally conceived by Akira Toriyama comes from what follows, thanks to which has been received Dragon Ball Zthe animated implementation of TOEI Animation, which, despite being criticized by the most conservative fans, is characterized by some totally original scenes that have actually given added value to several sagas.

Obviously among the discreet Amount of additional material added in the anime there are also quite embarrassing scenes, both qualitatively and in terms of content, when, for example, Goku and Piccolo try to learn to drive a car. However, there are scenes in the anime, here we have specifically selected five in which the authors have decided to do so investigate or show important events little emphasized or not present at all in the manga.

The first concerns Gohan's training during the Saiyan saga. In the year that separates Radditz's death from Vegeta and Nappa's arrival on Earth, little Gohan is forced to live alone in nature, transforming from a shy and frightened child into a warrior capable of fending for himself to take care of it myself in order to then become a student of Piccolo. The relationship between the two, cold and seemingly distant at first, will solidify one of the strongest friendships of the entire seriesthe heart of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which makes these extra sequences very important.

Subsequently, we find a more than healed attention to the give the Freeza saga a real conclusion. In the manga, the arc dedicated to the androids is passed almost hastily, but in the anime, the authors wanted to create a more compelling and slower ending, introducing the farewell to the Nameks, the resurrection of Yamcha, Tenshinhan, and Chiaotzu, and a reunion of all the main characters after Nameks Destruction.

Throughout the Cell saga, the protagonists spend a lot of time training to reach new levels and master more techniques. While in the manga atTraining of Goku and Gohan in the space of mind and time little space dedicated, in the anime we even witness the transformation of Gohan into Super Saiyan, a fundamental phase of his strengthening, considering then the central role of the Saiyan towards Cell.

Always staying in the same story arc, much more importance is given to the anime in the anime Contributed by the Z Warriors in the fight against Cell. Piccolo, Krillin, Tenshinhan and Yamcha, while not the best suited to face the android, position themselves alongside the Saiyans and try in any way they can to help Gohan.

Finally, we find the rematch between Goku and Majin Vegeta in the Majin Buu saga. Toriyama devotes no more than eight pages to this confrontation, causing it to end maybe too quickly. In the anime, however, we notice how the artists at Toei Animation wanted to add more breath to the slugfest between the two Saiyans, also creating sequences and choreography that are completely absent from the original material. Please let us know if you agree with what has been said or if you have others in mind unique scenes from the anime Dragon Ball Z who added something meaningful to the manga.

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