One of the most anticipated manga of 2022 was Chainsaw Man. Tatsuki Fujimoto had impressed everyone with the first part published in Weekly Shonen Jump for exactly two years between 2018 and 2020. After that, the author took a longer break and he certainly kept us waiting, even if he filled in the gaps a bit with some oneshots.

But the wait is over: in the last few hours Chainsaw Man Chapter 98 has appeared on MangaPlus, the first of the second part. The numbering of the previous volumes therefore continues, but the situation foreseen in this first chapter is certainly unprecedented and opens up new plot structures. The return was eagerly awaited by everyone, and much of the public immediately tuned into the Shueisha portal to read the latest news. And in the audience, this time on the Japanese front, there are also some exceptional authors.

Yuji Kaku (Jigokuraku, Ayashimon) has long been a close colleague of Fujimoto and has Many drawings have been dedicated to the Chainsaw Man in the past. He was therefore one of the first to celebrate his return, as can be seen in the image below that shows the new devil appearing in the series. What follows instead is the dedication of Yokoyari Mengo (Scum's Wish, designer of Oshi no Ko), who has created many Chainsaw Man-themed illustrations over the years and certainly didn't miss the return this drawing by Himeno. Shinnosuke Kanazawa (Ottoman) completes the trio, with the author his who ao power consumption.

Certainly many other tributes to chainsaw man will arrive in the next few hours, especially from fans.

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