My Hero Academia 275: an exceptional chapter before the break

The battle of My Hero Academia continues unabated and puts the heroes in more difficulty. By now there are few cards to play for the protagonist faction, but someone is moving to try to save the situation. Let's see what the contents of My Hero Academia 275, just published on MangaPlus.

The tag team of Bakugo and Midoriya is heading towards an uninhabited area in order to allow the evacuation of civilians and heroes. Tomura Shigaraki's power is now too great to control him and he also knows that One for All is nearby. The protagonist of My Hero Academia must therefore get involved at the risk of sacrificing himself.

Due to Ragdoll's "search" quirk, Shigaraki immediately identifies Deku's position. Endeavor, however, is on his heels and communicates all his moves to the remaining professionals. This is why Tomura takes advantage of some of his new powers to block communications and simultaneously hurry to his main target. While doing this maneuver, Deku and Bakugo run between the buildings. The explosive boy is determined to win and take revenge for the affront he has suffered in the past, while he also seems to have a plan.

Shigaraki, however, arrives at full speed taking them by surprise and his power projects an image of death for the two boys. However, Gran Torino intervenes just in time to take them away, underlining that this is no longer the same villain as before. Deku may not be able to beat him yet, but there are still heroes in action: Ryukyu rushes towards Shigaraki and, despite being touched, does not die. In fact nearby there is Eraserhead activating its power blocking the enemy's abilities. My Hero Academia will be on hiatus next week.

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