There is no longer any peace in Onigashima, and it could not have been otherwise since an army of thousands of men is preparing to take control of the island. Among these are the protagonists of ONE PIECE who are expanding the fronts of war, directly or indirectly.

With chapter 982, ONE PIECE continues to narrate several encounters and clashes, some even surprisingly. Kaido and Orochi are celebrating in the main hall of the castle together with Black Maria, the only one of the Tobi Roppo who has not yet gone in search of Yamato, preferring to stay with Kaido. While everyone is convinced that the samurai plan has gone up in smoke, Kanjuro arrives with Momonosuke, the boy was beaten to death because he had tried to escape. The traitor must also confirm that the plan has fallen apart and that the alliance still exists.

While Orochi begins to alter, Fukurokuju confirms to everyone that on the island there is no trace of the samurai but only of four pirates, or Luffy, Kidd, Zoro and Killer. Queen is taking care of these. However, Wanokuni's shogun is not satisfied and wants to see the death of his enemies. For this warns everyone of prepare a cross to kill Momonosuke.

The scenario shifts to Law's submarine who is arriving at his destination while being contacted by Nekomamushi. Zou's cat is in the company of Marco, Izu and perhaps another person. Instead Big Mom is chasing Chopper and Usopp on the tank. The terrified duo, however, manages to guide the empress in a direction that allows Kin'emon and the samurai to escape. Meanwhile, Nami, Shinobu and Carrot run into Prometheus, foreshadowing another clash.

Then there is Denjiro who meets Sasaki and binds him with agalmatolite. Finally, Page One and Ulti can also be glimpsed. The duo runs into Luffy and it seems that things will not go peacefully. ONE PIECE will return next week with chapter 983.

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