Dabi still at the center of My Hero Academia 291: here are spoilers and pictures

Dabi's real intentions had always been mysterious. Sure, his goal of destroying heroes' society was clear, but the how and why was not yet clear. However, My Hero Academia 290 has revealed most of its secrets.

After knew the true identity of dabithe villain returns to the center of My Hero Academia 291, as the first spoilers and the attached pictures show what you can see below. The title of the chapter, which will appear on Sunday, is "Fortunately, you are fine" and takes us back to Touya's childhood and the first training sessions with Endeavor, especially when the first problems with the flames and his body arose. His hair turned white, but his firepower was even greater than his father's, but without ice he couldn't stop the overheating.

In the incident in which Touya disappeared, only jawbones were found in the room where Endeavor was training. We return to war with the flaming hero who doesn't believe Dabi's words and challenges him to take a DNA test. In reality, Dabi has already done it and is sending it nationwide to demonstrate 99.9% affinity for Endeavor DNA. Then he blurts out everything from the pride of Shoto's birth to everything he did to his children.

It even goes so far as to show that Twice deaths from Hawksand also said that the latter killed Best Jeanist and that he is in fact the son of a criminal captured by Endeavor. The hero is paralyzed when Dabi envelops himself in flames and prepares to attack his father. But in the end he is wrapped in some threads that came down from heaven: it is Best Jeanist who reveals that he has just been put back into service. My Hero Academia 292 won't arrive next week due to a new break from Horikoshi.

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