Attack of the Giants 134 stages the final confrontation with a particular giant

The attack of the giants 134 has just arrived with all of its destruction. Hajime Isayama has gone really far with this chapter and has horrified readers at some really dark scenes.

However, when reading The Attack of the Giants 134, attention inevitably focuses on the final phase. A chapter ending that stages the very last part of Hajime Isayama's manga with no ifs or buts. Much of this struggle will focus on fighting that Giant beast that had already landed in the middle of Levi Ackerman's Seeker and the rest of the saviors of mankind, led by Armin.

Eren, perhaps with the power of the giant hammer or his control over his half-brother Zeke, materialized the giant beast's body to take out the airships. The monkey figure is also Reiner's main goal. The owner of the armored giant turns into the sky immediately above his enemy and him Attacks along with everyone else on the last page of The Attack of the Giants 134. All of this while the people who tried to escape the march of the colossals watch the scene petrified at the possible death of their people and children.

How the last fight will go on? We'll see the heroics of these heroes in chapter 135 of The Attack of the Giants in December.

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