The franchise of Dragon Ball Z enjoys one of the most thriving commodities in the world thanks largely to the characters that are highly valued by the community. Among them, an important role is obviously played by # 18, the wife of Krillin and the female heroine of the fan-favorite story.

The gorgeous Android is one of the public favorites, as evidenced by the numerous manifestations of creativity dedicated to it, including this fascinating and sexy cosplay by Annjelife. But as for character, did you know that recently a theory about Bulma's role in the humanization process has returned from # 18?

In honor of the cyborg recently Green Leaf Studio he wanted to dedicate a spectacular true-to-scale reproduction of the bust with a height of 70 cm to the android. The result in question, which you can admire in the special gallery at the bottom of the news, was very much appreciated by the fans, especially thanks to the reproduction of the details. What made the enthusiasts a lot more confused is the statuette's imposing price. good 1990 euros, to which the shipping costs are added, a Limited edition copy of the bust of C-18. Delivery, however, is planned for 2021.

And you, instead, what do you think of this particular model, do you like it? Tell us yours as usual with a comment in the appropriate box below.

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