In this year's twelfth issue of the magazine Comic Yuri Hime from the publisher Ichijinsha It was announced that the author Shio Usui (Kaketa Tsuki to donut) will begin with the release of a new manga entitled Onna Tomodachi to Kekkon Shitemita in the first issue of the magazine 2021, which is scheduled for November 18 in Japan.

This new Shoujo-Ai genre manga will focus on two close friends who decide to start married lives to experiment. On the other hand, Usui publishes the manga Kaketa Tsuki to donut in the magazine Comic Yuri Hime of Ichijinsha-Verlag since March 2019. The publisher published the first compilation volume on January 17th and the second on November 18th. It should be noted that Usui will then publish both mangas in the magazine at the same time from the specified date.

Kaketa Tsuki on Donut Synopsis

Dress up in style, put on make-up, fall in love ... Hinako Uno is a girl who longs to be a "normal" woman like everyone else. However, since she does not have the confidence to have a "normal" romance with a man, she is unable to take the first step.

Between her fear of starting a romance and fear of spending her days alone while walking at night, Hinako had collapsed and asked for help while she was crying. When she reached out her hand to Hinako, it turned out to be her senpai from work, a girl named Asahi Satou ...

Source: ANN

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