On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by Sora, Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushiunveiled the cover of the ninth compilation volume, which will be released in Japan on November 20th.

Sora started publishing the manga through the magazine Hana to Yume from the publisher Hakusensha The publisher published the eighth compilation volume in Japan on July 20. This manga was in nineteenth place in the recommendation ranking Kono Manga ga Sugoi! in its 2019 edition.

In addition, Sora is also the author of the manga Tensei Majo wa Horobi wo Tsugeru Y. Lower Shounen Syndrome: Sora TanpenshuuThe latter is a compilation of one-shots that include one based on the main manga.

Synopsis from Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi

Mikoto Ochiai is ready to jump off the roof of her preparatory school building after being rejected by the boy who was her love interest. Her physics teacher and class teacher Jin Haiba, who suddenly appeared on the roof to smoke a cigarette, spoke to her and saved her from death. He also asked her to become his girlfriend ...

© sora (著) / HAKUSENSHA 白泉 社


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