While not one of the most featured characters in Dragon ballTrunks of the Future is one of the most popular warriors, so one enthusiast decided to build an amazing statue with the help of a 3D printer. Let's see it together.

The adult version is from a alternative future of Vegeta and Bulma's son first appeared on the planet Namek after Freeza's defeat. The young man traveled to the time of the heroes of the series to warn them of the impending threat posed by the androids, and later stood by the mighty next to them. cell. In the sagas that followed, readers of the manga never had a chance to see the boy in action again, except in an arc from the sequel. Dragon Ball Super, in which the protagonists fought with the mysterious Black Goku and Kaioshin Zamasu.

Testimony to the popularity of Case of the future There are also several films in which the warrior takes part in some battles against the new enemies introduced into them. Below is the feature film Dragon Ball Z - Menace from the evil demon what inspired a fan to create a statuette depicting the Saiyan. It is visible in all its glory in the post reported at the bottom of this message, where the topic of having long hair and keeping the property appears sword whose power we examined in another Dragon Ball article.

I am waiting for a new hero appearance and I bring you a message in which we delve into 5 secrets regarding the above Dragon Ball character.

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Tribe statue at 30cm by r / dbz

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