On the official page for the manga written and illustrated by OKAYADO, 12 tierthe immediate cancellation of the publication of the manga by the author was announced.

OKAYADO stated that there were many reasons for canceling the manga. He noticed that his editor asked him, "Where is the new chapter of Monster Musume (his other manga)?During the days when he was in mental health rehab. At the time, the author interpreted that the publisher was asking him to quit Monster Musume, although the publisher made it clear that it was not their intention. All of this scared him so much that he couldn't draw.

OKAYADO admitted that leaving a work unfinished was not a good idea, but found that he was in too deteriorated a state of mind to be able to continue drawing. He added that when he brought the idea to his editor to cancel the 12 Beast manga, he didn't even suggest that they'd better take an indefinite break, which OKAYADO interpreted as meaning that the manga was really bad enough for someone to care ended his inspiration to continue.

Finally, OKAYADO started publishing the manga on the website in May 2013. Age bonus from the publisher Kadokawaand then I move it to the magazine Monthly dragon age The publisher released the seventh compiled volume in June 2019.

Synopsis of 12 beasts

Three things you should know about Touga Eita, a sophomore and heir to the Touga-style ninjutsu dojo: First, he really loves video games. Second, if he has the chance to be a hero or save his own skin, he will always choose the latter. Third, he's never kissed a girl before.

This all changes when a voluptuous winged, clawed girl named Aero appears before him and asks him to help save his people, the Harpies of Verses, from the hands of the ruthless onslaught of giant robots known as Gigas . . Eita will follow her new friend Harpy into a new world full of beautiful girls and fantastic creatures.

Source: ANN

© オ カ ヤ 著 (著) / KADOKAWA


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