With a view to the fortieth anniversary of Dragon ball the best mangaka celebrate the work of Toriyama by reinterpreting the series' covers in their own way. The author of the new appointment with the Super Gallery project is Osamu Akimoto, creator of the legendary KochiKame: Tokyo Beat Cops.

The initiative Great gallery, which is set to celebrate the franchise's fortieth anniversary in 2024, was announced in July 2021 by. inaugurated Masashi Kishimoto, the legendary manga by Naruto who tried his hand at the cover of Volume 11.

The second appointment with the project is signed Tite Kubo, the author of Bleach, who in his own way illustrated the cover of Volume 27 of Dragon Ball. These two authors are now followed by Osamu Akimoto, who is known to the general public for his KochiKame Tokyo Beat Cops.

As you can see from the tweet at the end of the article that user @ DbsHype1 shared, the Japanese mangaka a different approach than his colleagues. When Kishimoto and Kubo decided to interpret the covers in their own style, Akimoto preferred to revolutionize the cover instead. The original artwork is dedicated to Master Roshi, while in this version created for the Super Gallery project, the genius of the turtles has been replaced by Kankichi and Hayato Honda.

This isn't the first time KochiKame and Dragon Ball have crossed. In volume 69 of Akimoto's work, Freezer was made by Kankichi. fined, suddenly landed on the planet Namek. Perhaps coincidentally, Volume 28 of Dragon Ball, reinterpreted by Akimoto, closes the Freeza saga.

Who do you think will be the next mangaka to pay tribute to the series in the Super Gallery project? We'll leave you to the crossover between Dragon Ball and The Lord of the Rings.

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