ONE PIECE: Brook goes wild in the new statue dedicated to the Oda series

To celebrate the immense success that ONE PIECE The city of Kumamoto has continued to erect statues in the Japanese animation and comic industry dedicated to Luffy's crew members in various places of tourist and cultural interest without excluding the impressive amount of goods produced.

Master Eiichiro Oda was born in this city about 45 years agoand of course this initiative to make mugiwara even more symbolic is tied to the celebration of the mangaka itself. World famous musician Brook was also featured following the unveiling of Tributes to Captain Monkey D. Luffy and Crew Doctor Tony Tony Chopper, who was dedicated to the group's rock star.

As a former member of the Rumbar Pirates, he managed to stay alive as a skeleton thanks to the devil fruit Yomi Yomiand during the two years of Time Leap, he established himself as one of the biggest stars in the world thanks to the help of his manager Sanclin, selling millions of copies and even touring. Every time he took the stage, he managed to win over the audience an overwhelming energy that was faithfully reproduced in the statue You can find some pictures of this at the end of the page.

Recall that the young Whitebeard received a magnificent collector's statue, and we leave you to the question of who will be the final enemy of ONE PIECE.

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