On March 25, Nakaba Suzuki's The Seven Deadly Sins series ended with chapter 346, and shortly before that date, a sequel was announced based on the leaked information The four knights of the apocalypsethat was shown in an unprecedented picture today.

During these months of complete silence from Suzuki, fans of the series have started to think about possible candidates for the role of the protagonists in the sequel, and if on the one hand there is some certainty about the characters Lancelot and TristanThe other two horsemen that will make up the Four of the Apocalypse have not yet been introduced.

However, a picture recently published on the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine showed us the slightly simplified design of a character that has never been seen beforeand that he might be one of Lancelot and Tristan's companions. As you can see in the post below, the name of the boy in question is not given, who appears with purple hair and blue eyes and holds a sword in his left hand.

Keep in mind that The Four Knights of Apocalypse's release date has been announced and that the fourth season of Seven Deadly Sins will be out in January.

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