Dragon Ball Super: will the manga go beyond the DB finale?

The world of Dragon Ball is focused on the events narrated in Dragon Ball Super, midquel of the saga set after the defeat of Majin Bu but before the last Tenkaichi tournament which featured Goku and Ub. The boy reincarnation of the evil Buu has not yet been seen for all the events of the new story.

Time also flows in Dragon Ball Super. After the events that were presented in the Dragon Ball Z feature films, which introduced us to Beerus and revised Freeza, set in the year 778 and 779 of the Dragon Ball universe. The events that are keeping the protagonists busy with Molo's narrative arc are taking place in the year 780, after those of the Tournament of Power.

It means that there would be only four years to the twenty-eighth Tenkaichi Tournament, held in the year 784. And it seems that in Dragon Ball Super the passage of time is also present, therefore after a couple of timeskips between the next sagas, we may also be able to attend the stable entrances of the young Ub and the small Pan in the cast of Dragon Ball Super. But first it will be necessary do some small retcon, such as the appearance of Bulma who in the Dragon Ball finale was particularly aged, as you can see in the image below.

You think Dragon Ball Super will end before the Tenkaichi Tournament Or will he be able to explore a completely unknown world?

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