Among the female protagonists of ONE PIECE, Nami and Nico Robin are certainly noticeable, who appear most frequently. It is no coincidence that there is a lot of cosplay in fandom about Nami or the beautiful archaeologist of the protagonist crew. But there are many other female characters that are less present and therefore less represented by cosplayers from around the world.

One of them is undoubtedly Perona, which we brought you a cosplay of a few days ago. But again with pink hair there is another girl we met in ONE PIECE, specifically in the Dressrosa saga. Was one of the fighters of the Colosseum Rebecca, Daughter of Cyrus and forced to fight for years.

The girl has one slim and wealthy body like the other girls from ONE PIECE. He therefore has a silhouette that is difficult to reproduce in reality, but three girls tried to present themselves in his shoes. So here we see below Ben three cosplay about Rebecca: one from Linssy, one of the Italians Gaia Giselle and the last one from Kyllie Cosplay.

All three wear Rebecca's peach-pink hair wrapped in a braid with the black and gold armor she uses for battle, revealing her generous shapes and ultimately her shield, sword, and cloak. What do you think is the most faithful version?

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Image by @dystopix_photography onepiecefan #dressrosa #cosplay

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🇺🇲 Say "bye bye" to my Rebecca cosplay. I just throw everything away, except for the shield 😭. 🇮🇹 Say goodbye to my Rebecca cosplay! I just threw everything away except the shield 😭. Page: Rebecca (One Piece) Ph: Antonio Rivilli. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #rebecca #rebeccaonepiece #onepiececosplay #onepiece #cosplayeritaliani #italiancosplayer #cosplayerofinstagram #cosplaygirls #cosplayoftheday #cosplay #cosplayer #gaiagiselle

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🇫🇷 Rebecca from One Piece 🏴‍☠️ Photographer: @philipe Vermale Hello tout le monde! 😃 Je reviens vers vous avec cette photo of Rebecca! 🙂 Tout d'abord un grand merci à vous pour vos retour positif sur ma Nelliel version Bleach Brave Souls 🙏❤️ It is a convention that contains a convention that contains a convention and that checks the conventions in order to meet the conventions. Corporate Mon cosplay de Nidalee, Cela Fait Deux Semaines que je peux moins avancer dessus manque de temps mais à partir de ce weekend j'aurais plus de disponibilité pour pouvoir le terminer avec les détails que je souhaite pour le @herofestival Il me reste à faire dessus: la lance, peindre les dents de la ceinture and the boucles d'oreilles. En espérant vous voir nombreux au Hero j'ai tellement hâte À À bientôt 😘😘 #rebecca #onepiece #sexycosplaygirl #francecosplay #sexywomen #girlcosplay #womenofcosplay #figirls #musculation #fitnessgoal #gladiator #arene #cospoting #badasscosplay # bad fitnessgirl # womenbest # womenwholift # cosplay # mangacosplay # muskulation # abs # cosplayeuse # redsonjacosplay

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