Frustrated that he was not incisive during the fight with Molo despite training on Yardrat, Vegeta is looking for new sources of strength to return to the same level as Goku Ultra Instinct. Lord Beerus has come to his aid and reveals the secrets of the gods of destruction Dragon Ball Super.

In the beginning of the new arc of story "Granolah the Survivor" we saw Vegeta reflect on himself and the past of the Saiyans. As Beerus suggests, in order to meet his eternal rival, the prince must give up his obsessions and put aside the pride that distinguishes him. And after a show of strength, the god of destruction finally passes Vegeta on the secrets of Hakai.

Finally, in Chapter 70 of Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta begins his training with the techniques of the gods of destruction. But this power is difficult to control and the prince can hardly destroy small stones. Apparently the Hakai does not use ki like normal attacks and, in Beerus' words, this force does not simply destroy an object, it permanently erases it from existence.

In classic ki strikes, matter, when destroyed, releases energy as a backlash from the destruction itself. On the contrary, Hakai does not destroy, it leads to the cessation of existence. The explosion is therefore only the end result of this process.

By adopting the concept, Vegeta finally makes it Use the Hakai successfullyif only on a small pebble. But this devastating force still seems to hide many secrets. Before that, we actually saw the Hakai being used with no resulting explosion. Readers will learn more about the techniques of the gods of destruction as Vegeta learns them too. In the meantime, here was the horrific condition Granolah was exposed to in Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70.

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