The manga is now by Dragon Ball great it is an institution. While in the beginning, in 2015, everyone had their eyes and ears open because of the anime that brought Goku and his companions back into action, after the end of the anime in 2018, many have switched to the stories of the comic. In fact, Toyotaro and Toriyama created new stories to keep readers entertained.

Think for example of the last published saga, the one with Granolah, but also the character of Molo, the devourer of planets who arrived before the Cerelean. speaking of what Toyotaro thinks of the Molo saga? Here are his words, picked up by Mangakko.

“Unlike previous storylines nobody really knew what would happen, so it was hard but also fun to draw! I made a lot of mistakes and attempts while drawing, but I think I wrote the best story I could create.” What exactly is Toyotaro referring to?

The reference is to the previous arcs of Dragon Ball Super: the manga has actually adhered almost slavishly to the anime. Both sides in 2015, the anime progressed much faster and for that Toyotaro based on the stories of the Toei Animation product throughout the first part of his manga, up to the Tournament of Power. Only when the latter is finished then he began to draw unpublished sagasstarting precisely with Molo and then with the saga of the Cerelean survivor.

However, now the saga linked to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero begins, so Toyotaro will at least partially return to its origins by drawing a saga related to what can be seen in the anime.

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