The author, the god of high school, is celebrating the end of the anime with a beautiful work of art

The God of High School season finale was downright explosive, and while we're waiting to find out whether we'll get a second season or not, writer Yongje Park decided to do it a wonderful illustration of the 3 protagonists thank the audience. The artwork visible below takes a scene that was shown in the season finale.

The god of high school ended after a run that lasted only thirteen episodes. Presented as a series that focuses on martial arts, The work kept evolving and eventually took the form of a real fantasyand move the clashes from the GOH arena to immense doomsday scenarios.

The first season of the anime implemented 112 chapters in 13 episodes, a frightening number, for an average of 9 chapters per episode. Tower of God, the first anime based on a Webtoon broadcast during the last Spring season, has adapted just under 80 in the same amount of time. Currently, The God of High School is still a work in progress and has more than 480 chapters available. all for free on the official Webtoon website.

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