There was a time when Dragon Ball Super has managed to split the fans' opinion on the Future Trunks saga into many parts. We refer specifically to all those theories about the identity of Goku Black, some of which are as improbable as they are fascinating.

The return of Future Trunks was a new adventure for our heroes faced with one of the most dangerous threats to humanity: Zamasu. The latter was in the course of his plans by a certain "black", a mysterious individual identical to Goku, whose identity, before it was revealed, was the source of much speculation.

According to some, he was none other than Goths, bred directly by Zamasu and in "his image and likeness"Despite the fact that this seemed too forced a hypothesis for many, the idea was even to propose a possible one."Goths of the future"sounded really fascinating for narrative purposes, as well as for Goku's growth, but especially for Trunks himself. Another theory believed this, however Goku Black could have been Goku, but the sixth universe, due to the alleged destruction of the earth in the universe chaired by Champa.

Many hypotheses actually continued to see Goku as the perfect candidate, albeit from completely new ideas. For example, someone had imagined that Zamasu had taken baby Goku from the planet Vegeta in a past when the Saiyan race was not exterminated by Freeza, only to be raised according to his ideologies. Or, according to another theory, Black Goku was none other than a remnant of the merger, a consequence of the removal of one of the two Potara earrings. In fact, he owned only one of the earrings necessary for the merger, a phenomenon that, among other things, had never been fully analyzed in the context of the Dragon Ball Super franchise.

Given these theories, some of which are absurdly fascinating, which identity would you have preferred for Black? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below.

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