Luffy has come to Wano to free his friends' land, get his hands on the Road Pony Glyph, and take another step towards the title of Pirate King. However, to achieve this, it is important to defeat the strongest people of this time. ONE PIECE At the moment he is narrating this epochal battle.

The fight between Luffy and Kaido has begun, accompanied by Big Mom, Killer, Kidd and Zoro. The whole group is gathered over the dome of Onigashima and you can't help but watch the action that Oda has staged. Who will fall first Another step towards the bottom line will be in ONE PIECE 1002 that just showed up with some spoilers.

The preview of the next edition confirms that the battle between the emperors and the supernovae will continue to be the focus. Unsurprisingly the Chapter 1002 of ONE PIECE is entitled "The four emperors against the new generation".. Here is the rest of the recap that was released for the time being:

  • Kaido uses a new attack called "Great Wind";
  • Luffy uses a new attack called the Gom Gom no Kong Rifle.;;
  • Kid uses an attack called "Slam Gibson";
  • Trafalgar Law uses the "gamma knife";
  • Killer triggers a new attack, the "Kamaa Sonic", and attacks Kaido.
  • Big Mom uses "Indra", a new electric train that he uses to attack killers.
  • Luffy uses "Gom Gom no Rhino Schneider" against Kaido;
  • Kaido uses Boro Breath on Luffy, but Zoro stops him with Kinemon's turn.
  • Kaido senses that Zoro's sword is the essence of oden;
  • Big Mom uses a new electric attack that creates lightning bolts everywhere.
  • Luffy takes no damage from the attack and Big Mom asks how this is possible, to which Luffy replies, "Because I'm made of rubber";
  • Kaido hits Luffy with his Boro breath, but has no effect.
  • Luffy uses a new attack called "Gom Gom no Kong Gatling" against Kaido.

In short, this Chapter 1002 of ONE PIECE features a lot of action between the two factions in the game. However, the initial expectations do not indicate that there have been defeats. The appointment to the official chapter is planned for Sunday, January 31, 2021.

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