Wano's story arc continues from in both manga and anime media ONE PIECE. A central figure in this part of the story is Oden Kozuki. So Twitter pays homage to the character.

The saga tells of the attempt by the Straw Hat crew to defeat the emperor Kaido and free the samurai land from its tyranny and that of the shogun Orochi. The latter, twenty years before the events, usurped that position to which he previously belonged Odes Kozuki and now the legendary man's vassals have rallied to avenge their master.

While one of the most important clashes Mangaka Eiichiro Oda has ever narrated takes place in the paper work, the animated implementation is imminent Show the incredible past to the numerous spectators Momonosuke's father.

By Twitter It is possible to pay homage to the charismatic character with an emoji dedicated to him. The process is simple: just write the Japanese tag in a tweet # ε…‰ 月 お で γ‚“, the translation of which is "Kozuki Oden", and as shown in the image below in this message, the small icon representing the face of the former shogun appears next to the sentence.

To this day is oden the only character in the popular manga who has its own emoji within the social network and this helps make the samurai, who was once even commander of one of the pirate divisions of, even more special white beard. What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment.

For those interested, at the end of ONE PIECE I report a message about Luffy's size and remember that ONE PIECE recently broke a new record.

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