Some time after Zamasu's defeat, Goku, Vegeta, and the others live normally and continue their training. Vegeta and Bulma are expecting their second child and Goku is determined to invoke the great Zen'o to organize the tournament between all universes. Thus began the saga of the survival of the universe, the fourth Dragon Ball great.

The two Zen'o seem amused by the idea of ​​the tournament, and after setting a date for the Tournament of Power, they organize it a test tournament that will, however, feature the Gods of Destruction all twelve universes. However, the deities' display of skill and power makes Zen'o nervous, and when they are about to order the elimination of the worst universes, Goku intervenes, promising them major clashes in the Tournament of Power.

After a quick confrontation between Goku and Toppo of the eleventh universe, the two rulers are convinced of everyone, and we proceed to presenting the rules of the tournament: each universe must have ten defenders, to win, the opponent must be sent out of the ring, and on most important, it will be approximately a battle royale, all against all. After the preset 48 minute duration, the universe with the most members in the ring is declared the winner and is allowed to make a wish with the Super Dragon Balls while the others are eliminated.

Then part of the preparation and research for the fighters of each universe and in defense of universe 7 will be: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, Krillin, Android 18, Android 17, Tenshinhan and Master Roshi. Only the last fighter is missing, and Goku suggests bringing Frieza back to life for just one day thanks to Baba's powers and letting him participate by her side. The former emperor only accepts if he can achieve a full resurrection thanks to the dragon orbs.

The protagonists reach the world of nowhere where the competition will take place, where they will notice old acquaintances like hit from universe 6 and also contemplate new opponents like the saiyan Caulifla from universe 6 Jiren, the most powerful mortal in the universe 11. The Tournament of Power begins and in the first few minutes, Goku and his companions very easily manage to knock out some competitors. However, Frieza helps Universe 6 Frost by pointing him to the three weakest on his team: Roshi, Tenshinhan, and Krillin.

Frost manages to eliminate Kuririn after an attack from Magetta and tries to hit the others of Universe 6, also having Frieza on his side. In order to reach the protagonists, Frost eliminates many fighters only to suffer a false attack Frieza, now glad to have gotten rid of other competitorswho, by kicking the last of universe 9 out of the arena, causes its annulment.

Meanwhile, Goku faces some members of the team defending Universe 11, and after noticing Hit's defeat in a direct confrontation with Jiren, he has no qualms about unleashing the Super Saiyan Blue Perfected Form. Hit and Goku team up to take on Jirenand despite Hit's time slowing technique, he is knocked out of the arena by the opponent who has proven to be highly resistant to any type of attack.

There first part of the universe survival saga, told from chapter 27 to chapter 35ends with Jiren finally acknowledging Goku's cleverness in battle.

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