The fights in the final saga of My Hero Academia he sequentially questions all the different characters that have emerged throughout the work. Kohei Horikoshi could also bring back the one who was once known as the bravest and strongest of all heroes, the only one who could stand up to All For One.

Thanks to Eri's Quirk, in My Hero Academia 385 All For One he eliminated all opponents who dared to hinder his plan, namely that of Reuniting with Tomura Shigaraki to possess his body now perfect.

The resistance of Hawks, Tokoyami, Mount Lady and Gigantomachia, supported by Insa Yoarashi and many others, was completely useless. Endeavor is busy with Dabi while Deku faces Shigaraki. The situation is now desperate No one can hope to stop All For One.

However, Kohei Horikoshi is about to question the symbol of peace, the one who got out alive from two head-on clashes with the evil villain. My Hero Academia 386 spoilers bring us back to All Might, the only one who can defeat All For One.

To the evil king, All Might is a nemesis, a hero whose name conjures up horrible memories for him. But now without an One For All, how can a Toshinori Yagi hope to win a full-force All For One? The answer seems to be Eri, who was able to pull it off thanks to her extraordinary talents Return All Might to its Golden Age.

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