Dragon Ball Super: Toei renews the domains, revealed the dates for the new anime?

The mysteries of Dragon Ball Super 2 and the previously announced animated film continue to be shrouded in total darkness. For several months, in fact, the rumors about the two alleged animated projects have abruptly stopped and yet, finally, something seems to be starting to change.

There is a profound distance between leaks and official news, as it is a duty to take all information that comes to us from third parties and not from direct sources with due precautions. However, as regards the domain issue, the situation is slightly different. In this case, the domains dragonball2021.com is dragonball2022.com belong to TOEI Animation as early as 2019, when the studio silently announced its opening. Back then, the arrival of Dragon Ball Super 2 by 2019 but things have changed dramatically since then.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of these domains, just think that each of them is attributed an anime linked to the franchise, as you can see for yourself from the following scheme:

  • dragonball2013.com responds to Dragon Ball Z: The battle of the gods;
  • dragonball2015.com responds to Dragon Ball Z: The resurrection of "F";
  • dragonball2018.com corresponds, instead, to Dragon Ball Super: Broly;

Speaking of the latter film, moreover, just a few months after the discovery of the domain by fans, TOEI Animation actually announced its production. This inevitably leads us to ask a question: that the new Dragon Ball Super movie and the anime sequel are expected in the next two years? Tell us your opinion about it, as always, with a comment below.

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