Team Rocket bids farewell to the Pokémon anime, ending an era for good. However, the group of criminals consists of many members and who knows if it will also return in the next series of the anime, where Liko and Roy will be starring as protagonists. Maybe there is one before the two little boys new trio of Team Rocket.

In the meantime, however, let's analyze one of the animated franchise's most mysterious characters, who is rarely mentioned despite her importance to the team: Jessie's mother. As mentioned, Jessie joined Team Rocket many years ago, but not because of her mother, who disappeared early. we see who is Jessie's mother with the little history that is officially known.

There Jessie's mother's name is Miyamoto and aesthetically, she is very similar to her daughter, with long purple hair styled only slightly differently and an identical eye color. Miyamoto was one of the great minds of Team Rocket, in the service of Madame Boss, the mother of Giovanni, the group's current leader. For them, he has completed many missions and earned the A rank in the team, but above all, he is the person who obtained tangible evidence of the existence of Mew, the legendary Pokemon that is said to have the DNA of all Pokemon in existence carries within itself.

When she was given the mission to go to Conquer Mew for Madame Boss, however, Miyamoto was lost. His departure left a little Jessie home alone, but while scouring the Andes of South America, Miyamoto disappeared shortly after meeting Mew but failed to convince him to allow himself to be captured. She's since been missing if not dead, but maybe even after all these years she's still searching for the legendary Pokemon without contacting anyone.

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